Testimonials From Dentists and Health Professionals.

I have never compromised my dentistry and was never able to find someone that I trusted or was a good fit in my office to provide anesthesia to my patients until I met Dr. Marn.  I cannot speak highly enough about his skills and who he is as a person….In the past I never felt confident with in-office sedation, now I look forward to it….If my own child needed to be sedated, I would want Richard to do it!

Wayne Turk, DMD,
Pediatric Dentist
Scarsdale Pediatric Dental
Manhattan, NY

Dr. Marn’s protocol and set-up and his knowledge and skill makes me feel very safe when working with him. I don’t have to worry about the sedation and I can fully concentrate on my dental work.  Dr. Marn and I worked on a case on a high-functioning special needs Autistic ADHD child patient. Everything went really smoothly. Mother tells me that her child has gone through 4 previous sedations for teeth and that was the smoothest one yet. She was very happy.

Julianna Bair, DMD
Endodontist & Pediatric Dentist
New York City Endodontics
Manhattan, NY

My favorite part about working with Dr. Marn is how easy he made it to introduce the concept of in-office sedations to our office…Dr. Marn right away added the personal touch and support that we never really had at the hospital. And now we are able to treat our patients in our own office…I was very concerned about sedating patients in our office…However, Dr. Marn’s attention to detail puts me at ease. He takes control of each case with confidence and thoughtfulness from the first conversation with the patient’s family, through the procedure itself and the post-op care. The level of expertise that I witness while working with Dr. Marn makes me feel comfortable with the decision to sedate patients in our office and I now feel like it is an excellent option when dental care in a typical setting is not possible. If my child ever needed to be sedated, I would feel much more comfortable knowing that Dr. Marn was providing and monitoring the anesthesia. After working with him closely over the last few years I know that he is conscientious, skilled, extremely intelligent, hard-working and one of the kindest people that you will ever meet.”

Pediatric Dentist
Westchester, NY

Very professional and thorough with the staff and his patients. Dr. Marn is approachable and always willing and open to hear new ideas and old ideas come to life. I consider Dr. Marn a class act, a colleague and a good friend.

Patient Coordinator
Manhattan, NY

He’s comforting to his patients. He had a method to everything he does. There’s a reason for everything and they aren’t dumb reasons like some of our other colleagues. When he does something, you say “Ah that makes sense…I’ll do that for my patient next time.” Whereas others do things just because they want to be remember for something unique but useless…..He brings humility to the OR. He’s a warm guy and that had changed my approach to patient interactions.

Jordan Wicker, MD
Previous anesthesia resident,
now Board-Certified Attending Anesthesiologist
Long Island, NY

My favorite part is that I know Richard cares about what he does and brings his “A” game when he shows up and is prepared….When the case is finished, and the parents are super grateful for their service. It’s great seeing the patient wake up with minimal crying and they can follow the discharge command. The child leaves with a new smile due to NYMA services being a huge part of the care.

Jessica Marn, DDS
Pediatric Dentist
Urban Pediatric Dental & East Side Pediatric Dental
Manhattan, NY

“My favorite part of having Dr. Marn providing our anesthesia is his very thoughtful approach to each individual case taking into account the patient and the procedure to provide individualized care…I would feel very comfortable having Dr. Marn sedate any of my family members.

Sherrill Fay, DMD, MD
Tribeca Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Manhattan, NY

Having worked with Dr. Marn on several cases, I have become much more comfortable treating patients under sedation in an office setting. I especially appreciate the time he takes prior to each case to review all emergency and safety protocol with each team member.  When Dr. Marn is in the office, he feels like another member of our office family. His warm demeanor and calm disposition put all who work with him at ease……Many of our parents are understandably nervous to have their children treated with sedation. I appreciate how Dr. Marn explains procedures to both families and patients using clear and kid-friendly language. His excellent bedside manner helps make what could be a stressful day, much more comfortable for our patients and their families…..He is available to them at every point of treatment, from scheduling all the way through following up.  He helps us to provide a wonderful service to our patients who require dental treatment under sedation, while keeping patient safety at the forefront of his priorities.

Jason Rosenfeld, DDS
Pediatric Dentist
Dental Anesthesia For Kids Only (DAFKO), Roslyn Heights, NY

He is calm in his demeanor and applies this to his technique which in turn instills confidence in his patients…..I am always confident my patients are safe and receiving his complete undivided and professional attention.

Operating Room Nurse
Manhattan, NY