What’s the meaning behind our logo and icon?

Many often think of an anesthesia experience as a one-time event, a single encounter. And an anesthesiologist with an evanescent, fly-by-night mentality. Here today, gone tomorrow.

We are NOT like that.

We view it differently. Because we are different.

Our beautiful icon and logo symbolizes our relationship with the people we work with and the people we take care of.

We deliver a powerful experience that creates strong, long-term relationships with dentists, the dental team, the patient, and the patient’s family. We make ourselves readily available via our frequent, direct interactions. We become not just a provider, but a consultant, a partner, a colleague, and often a friend.

In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we grow and nurture those relationships over years and possibly decades. Working together, hand-in-hand. So we can both grow, together, to ultimately have a wide impact upon our community, and the world, for years to come.

Right from scheduling the appointment, to setting up reminders for us, and having the final procedure done, everything was so perfect. We are so beyond grateful for the care Dr. Marn and his team took of our five year old uncooperative special needs daughter. As parents that were incredibly scary and worried, but Dr. Marn was so warm and comforting and encouraging, and informative. Our daughter was anxious and in tears before, after she didn't even realize she was done with the procedure and her recovery was so much smoother and faster. We are so glad that we made the best decision by getting our procedure done by Dr. Marn. We highly recommend Dr. Marn and New York Medical Anesthesia.

Mom of 5 y/o girl