Testimonials From Patients & Parents.

Dr Marn is a very caring and compassionate anesthesiologist. I worked alongside him as a colleague and then also had him take care of my own 8 year-old child. Our son had an amazing experience and had no negative recollection of his experience. Our son recovered quickly and was excited after he woke up to see Dr. Marn’s warm and friendly face. As a parent I felt 100% comfortable with my child under Dr. Marn’s care.

Diane Costomiris
Mom of 8 y/o boy
Founder, Special Perspective

My favorite part of the experience was the level of care Dr. Marn showed, before, during, and after my son’s surgery. He was incredibly accessible, and willing to answer any and all questions that we had. It definitely put our minds at ease. It was also nice that we didn’t need to go through a hospital. It felt a lot more streamlined, in comparison to the other time my son needed surgery at a hospital, when he was 4 years old…..Dr. Marn called me before my son’s procedure to go over the whole process, he called me again the night before the procedure, he checked in after the procedure, and always seemed eager to provide as much information to put my mind at ease. Also, his team was very warm and friendly. The Pediatric Anesthesia Team was nice to chat with as my son was coming out of his anesthesia.

Mom of 9 y/o boy

They let us know what was going to happen. My son had a few bad experiences going thru [previous] anesthesia. He didn’t like being forced the mask so Dr. Marn offered a shot instead and that made the experience less traumatic. One suggestion is that I would’ve liked maybe a couple of more check-ins just to make sure that my son was okay. Other than that, the experience was very positive.

Mom of 8 y/o girl

What we love most is Dr. Marn’s extensive diligence in pre procedure calls, information gathering and explanation both to us as parents and to our son about the procedure. We would have no reservations at all using Dr. Marn again and we would absolutely rate him a 10 out of 10!

Dad of 12 y/o boy

The care that Dr. Marn gave my daughter was incredibly sensitive. He was patient and thoughtful with a young girl who was scared. Dr. Marn has treated my daughter twice and I would rate him a 10 out of 10.

Mom of 7 y/o girl  

I would give an 11, but since 10 is the highest, I would rate him 10 for sure. I love the fact that Dr. Marn is very knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely skilled at what he does. He is an exceptional doctor and won’t even think twice about recommending him. If that situation ever comes, I will definitely use Dr. Marn’s service. It was a great experience.

Dad of 6 y/o girl

I feel confident and trustful to have Dr. Marn. First of all, he is professional. Dr. Marn tried his best to explain every detail to us and make sure parents and him are on the same page. This is really helpful to eliminate our anxiety and make parents willing to cooperate. Secondly, his kindness and patience to kids also help calm down young kids to relax and achieve a harmonious vibe. We had a fantastic experience with Dr. Marn during Max’s oral surgery yesterday. I am glad to provide our feedback and hope this could be helpful.

Dad of 4 y/o boy



Dr. Marn and his team are very attentive to the child and parent’s needs. Dr. Marn crosses every t and dots every i. I would feel very comfortable with having Dr. Marn and his team sedate my child again or other members of my family.

Mom of 7 y/o boy



Dr. Marn is great. He was very attentive to me as a parent and to my son as his patient. He has great bedside manner and really cares about his patients. I was really nervous about the procedure, but Dr Marn put my mind to ease and everything happened just as he communicated. I would definitely trust him to treat my child again. Thank you so much, Dr. Marn.

Mom of 5 y/o boy



I would absolutely feel comfortable to have Dr Marn and his team sedate my child again or family member. In addition, I was extremely relieved knowing a paramedic was on standby at the site if anything were to happen to my daughter. I love the phone call with a thorough explanation from Dr Marn about the sedation. It lessened my anxiety. Before our phone call, I almost canceled the dental appointment because of my fear from my daughter possibly not waking up. She was born with a heart murmur. Prior to my daughter’s dental appointment, I took her to her cardiologist for clearance and asked for advice on what to look for when having my child under sedation. The cardiologist suggested I look for a dentist that has an anesthesiologist to perform the sedation and preferably one that specializes in sedating children. I was extremely pleased to find out about Dr Marn’s credentials and specialty. Not only was Dr Marn very serious about his work but he is very down to earth and approachable which I appreciate. Thank you, Dr Marn, for your impeccable work.

B. S.
Mom of 5 y/o girl



Dr. Marn was wonderful, caring, warm and devoted. He made my son and us very comfortable. We would highly recommend him.  

Dad of 11 y/o boy



I love Dr. Marn and the whole team because they gave me and my kids a good experience and explained everything to me in great detail. I would feel very comfortable with recommending Dr. Marn. 

Mom of 3 y/o boy



I loved how thorough Dr. Marn was relating to the patient’s history to insure the safety of the patient. The communication was fantastic and I felt confident that my daughter’s safety was top priority. Dr. Marn also took the time to explain every step of what would be done which minimizes anxiety on the day of the procedure. The only thing I would say could be improved is the options for payment. I think that being open to payment plans that extend past the date of the procedure in certain situations should be an option when that person has no other option to pay. Now that it has been done, my daughter has more confidence, she has hope, she isn’t afraid of the dentist anymore and this is something that has waited as long as it did in part because I knew that I didn’t have what I needed monetarily in order to make the appointment. I certainly don’t want to take away from all you did for my daughter, and I want to end on a positive note. I cannot thank Dr. Marn and everyone involved enough nor express in words the gift of what you have given us. I have laid awake night after night worrying about what was going on in my daughter’s mouth. I don’t think you will ever understand how much this means to me that Adriana’s mouth is fixed. I have watched her try to talk without showing her teeth which made her talk funny. She wouldn’t smile for pictures for the last few years and got uncomfortable when people said “smile.” This has affected her emotionally for so long, and I can’t tell you how happy I am now that it’s over. I know she has hope and she believes that her teeth will be straight before she knows it. Thank you for all you have done!!

Mom of 11 y/o girl



Dr. Marn was clearly well-versed in working with children. He was understanding, patient, and very efficient. Dr. Marn was a solid choice on the part of our dentist. He cares for the small patient’s well-being and monitored her closely from start to finish.

Mom of 5 y/o girl



Dr. Marn had an amazing bedside manner and was very calm and patient with our daughter. The EMT was also wonderful. He was a great fit with my Dentist and their staff. They all worked well together. 

Mom of 11 y/o girl



Dr. Marn and his team took their time to explain every step and detail in my son’s dental treatment. My son is 9 years old and has Autism , ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Dr. Marn discussed all treatment options for general anesthesia and step by step how he will do it. Dr. Marn and his team responded immediately to all my questions and concerns. Everything went according to plan and my son got his 8 teeth fixed at once. He recovered very quickly from the anesthesia and was able to be himself in a short time . Doctor`s demeanor has really put us at ease so I highly recommend his practice.


Mom of 9 y/o boy

I give Dr. Marn a 10 out of 10! We had a very good experience with Dr. Marn. We very much appreciated his time before the surgery for him to take us through everything that would happen and very patiently answer all of our questions. We are grateful that Dr. Fay opted to use Dr. Marn.

Mom of 8 y/o girl

I am very happy that my sons dentist chooses to work with Dr. Marn. He definitely is a 10! He was very thorough before my sons procedure and he was excellent with my son the day of the procedure.

Dad of 10 y/o boy

I am very happy that my sons dentist chooses to work with Dr. Marn. The whole experience was great!

Dad of 24 y/o male

We love the VIP environment during the surgery day. I’m glad that we were the only family in the office that day it really gave us a lot of privacy. I love the way Dr. Marn and the team approached us when we first arrive at the office with friendliness and passion. It really gave us a lot of positive motivation toward our son’s procedure that day, especially when we arrived in the office with a lot of unknowns and uncertainties. I really love how Dr. Marn took time to explain the procedure to us.

Dad of 5 y/o boy


I was initially very reluctant for my child to be placed under anesthesia. He definitely eased my anxieties. I liked the fact that Dr. Marn specialized in pediatric anesthesia. I’m happy my dentist has a relationship with Dr. Marn. If it had not been for Dr. Marn, I would not have moved forward with the procedure. He made me feel comfortable, I believed my child would be well taken care of.

We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Marn. He kept me informed throughout the entire process. If I had to rate my experience between 1-10, I would give him a 20. Dr. Marn is extremely professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He addressed all of my questions, and concerns. He even took extra precautionary measures to ensure my child was a good candidate for anesthesia. He definitely went above and beyond. Dr. Marn is also very gentle with children. He was able to easily gain the trust of child. My family is extremely grateful for the safe experience.

Mom of 9 y/o boy

I absolutely loved my experience. I loved how Dr. Marn interacted with my son  and made him feel comfortable with him before we began. It was a very easy transition from one room to the next. I think the dental office chose a great doctor to work with! He was very nice and informative before the dental work and explained everything and answered all my questions.  

Mom of 3 y/o boy

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Marn. He explained everything in great detail in the days leading up to the procedure, and was always available to answer my questions. The process with him and his team was so smooth and professional. Most importantly, I knew my daughter was on good hands, and she did so well with the anesthesia.

It’s wonderful, being able to have my daughter get necessary dental work without being in a hospital for anesthesia was really great.

Mom of 7 y/o girl

We had wonderful experience! The dr was extremely kid friendly and kind. Everything was explained clearly to us so we knew what to expect. My son woke up easily and was back to his regular self almost right away! The dr assistant that was with my son as he woke up was extremely gentle and kind too. Our dental experience was also very positive! Overall we can definitely rate our experience a 10! Thank you so much!

Mom of 8 y/o boy

 My family received the absolute best care from Dr. Marn, Dr. Park and their team. From the start Dr. Marn provided thoughtful and thorough explanations of the dental procedure including what to expect from the anesthesia process. The team was patient and worked with my family as we completed paperwork and prepared for the appointment.

The day of , Dr. Park and Dr. Marn checked in with us and walked us through the entire dental procedure and everything went very smoothly. The day after our son’s dental procedure, both doctors and a nurse called us to check on our son and followed up. They gave detailed instructions for after care and everyone was genuinely caring and considerate.

We feel great that our Dentist has someone like Dr. Marn on their team.  They went out of their way to make us comfortable and secure.

I honestly would rate my experience a 10. Although it was a difficult procedure (that hopefully my child will not have to undergo again) Dr. Marn and the team of dentist’s fixed our child’s issue with no complications at all. He is healing wonderfully and we are glad that all of his dental issues were taken care of.

Mom of 6 y/o boy

Right from scheduling the appointment, to setting up reminders for us, and having the final procedure done, everything was so perfect. We are so beyond grateful for the care Dr. Marn and his team took of our five year old uncooperative special needs daughter. As parents that were incredibly scary and worried, but Dr. Marn was so warm and comforting and encouraging, and informative. Our daughter was anxious and in tears before, after she didn't even realize she was done with the procedure and her recovery was so much smoother and faster. We are so glad that we made the best decision by getting our procedure done by Dr. Marn. We highly recommend Dr. Marn and New York Medical Anesthesia.

Mom of 5 y/o girl

I greatly appreciated Dr. Marn’s close attention to detail when preparing my special needs son for sedation. Dr. Marn called me several times and was most understanding of the issues surrounding my son’s sedation. I felt confident that all aspects of his care had been thought about ahead of time.

Mom of 25 y/o son

I was very nervous and anxious after I learned my daughter needed a timely dental procedure and would have to be sedated for at least three hours. Leading up to the procedure the full team at the dental office gave me a great insight on DR. Marn and his expertise. Dr. Marn called me twice before the procedure, answering any and every question and concern which was heavy on my mind. The day of the sedation he was confident and professional. He made me and my daughter feel comfortable and kept me informed step by step as the sedation started. I was very satisfied with our experience and we are so glad to have had Dr. Marn for our sedation. Thank you for everything!

Mom of 4 y/o girl

I would rate Dr. Marn a 10 out of 10. It’s a little scary having to put an 8 year old under anesthesia. What I really like about Dr. Marn and his team are the level of preparation they show. Dr Marn juggled his schedule a bit to make things happen quickly. Then, we had a half hour discussion to determine if we could move forward, and how to do it safely. Documents, requests and even receipts were sent timely. It was evident that Dr. Marn was not going to be surprised on the day of the procedure. And finally the doctor personally checked in on us a day or so after the procedure. I would easily trust Dr. Marn to sedate our child again and another family member.

Dad of 8 y/o girl

I would definitely refer Dr. Marn to friends and family. He is professional, knowledgeable, and respectable. I also love the fact that he’s reachable and easy to talk to. Dr. Marn and his team were wonderful. I was kept informed throughout the procedure; my son was nervous but did great. His recovery was better than I expected, thanks to the attentiveness that was given with his care.

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Marn. He was able to put both myself and my husband at ease before and after the procedure. I appreciated the amount of time he spent explaining every step of his process to me. I love the fact that he took time out of his schedule to talk to us whenever we had a question. I think in doing so it helps take the pressure off on the day of surgery. Even though the day of surgery was our first meet it felt as if I knew him for years. Having direct contact with him was a major plus.

Mom of 13 y/o boy

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful work during my son’s dental procedure on Jan 21st. Well planning of care for before, during and after and explained everything to me prior to the procedure as well. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Marn and his team to anyone who would need anesthesia.

Mom of  4 y/o boy

The services that I received from Dr Marn was excellent. Doctor called us before the procedure and explained everything. On the day of procedure Dr.Marn took care of our daughter all the time that we were in the office. Wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. If a family member needs Anesthesia, I highly will recommend Dr.Marn.

Mom of  6 y/o girl

My name is Sally C. and our experience with Dr. Marn was absolutely amazing. My husband and I felt from the very beginning, in preparation of the big day, that my son’s safety was top priority for Dr. Marn. My son is 25 years old and has Autism, dental work has always been a challenge for him and consequently for us. Prior to the surgery day, Dr. Marn contacted us several times asking questions regarding our son’s medical history and also questions to get to know my son, I remember sharing that my son loves to listen to Bruno Mars and sure enough, the day of the surgery, bright and early and throughout the whole oral surgery there was Bruno Mars playing in the background. Dr. Marn is one of the most thorough, genuine, and caring doctor’s we have ever dealt with for my son. The next time my son needs to be sedated we will definitely ask for him again. All our family and friends know that Dr. Marn is the anesthesiologist to contact when in need of sedation.

Sally C. 
Mom of  25 y/o male

I would be delighted to have Dr. Marn and his team if we ever needed sedation again. I loved that my son was well taken care of – he had zero side effects from the anesthesia and Dr. Marn and his assistant explained every step of the way what to expect. I never felt rushed and felt that I was given every opportunity to understand what was going to happen.

Mom of  12 y/o boy

I would give Dr. Marn a score of 10 out of 10. He is the best! I think my dentist choosing to work with Dr. Marn is such a wonderful choice. Dr. Marn is the best partner to my dentist. As a patient, I think how much we have to pay is not so important, when comparing to how much pain that our child have to suffer. Dr. Marn made our child almost no crying and no pain. We really appreciate that!

The thing that I most love about my experience with Dr. Marn is that my daughter barely experienced any pain. As my mom said, my daughter only cried for maybe couple seconds. Dr. Marn had some interesting and fun conversations with my daughter that totally captured her attention on one side, while another person gave her a very quick shot on the other side. Then she totally went to sleep. Over the past couple weeks, we had been worried so much about how my daughter will be crying crazily and suffer a lot, but it ended up with such an easy quick shot. We are so happy that it was Dr. Marn that did this job for us, and we really appreciate Dr. Marn’s professional service. Dr. Marn is so great!

Dad of  5 y/o girl

 Dr. Marn was Fantastic!

Dad of 14 y/o boy

Dr. Marn took excellent care of my son. He made him comfortable from the moment they first met and was able to smoothly transition my son to the procedure area. We were so well informed of everything to be expected prior to the dental procedure, as well as after discharge. He is very thorough and communicated every step of the way and checked on us afterwards as well.

We had such a great experience with the entire office and team. Everyone always reached back out in a timely manner if ever I had questions or concerns. The office and Dr. Marn’s team work great together. They all truly helped make this potentially difficult experience as smooth as possible.

Mom of 4 y/o boy

I like Dr. Marn’s responsiveness, and he does a good job of explaining and putting parent’s mind at ease about the procedure.

Mom of 6 y/o boy and 4 y/o girl

Our experience with Dr. Marn was terrific. He let us know what to expect, checking in several times before the procedure. During, he let my son know everything that was going to happen and took excellent care of him. My son seemed very comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Marn’s follow up was also wonderful and really appreciated! It was reassuring to know that Dr. Marn was particularly familiar with pediatrics.

Mom of 10 y/o boy 

Having a child on the spectrum makes all medical procedures especially challenging. Dr. Marn was incredibly understanding of my daughter and he was able to speak to her at her level because we had the opportunity to speak twice before our appointment date. His insurance specialist assisted me with reimbursement. Beforehand, he had his assistant reach out to me and discuss everything with me, she then sent a detailed packet which I completed and sent back. After reviewing it Dr. Marn called me to discuss my daughter’s health record and to walk me through the process again.

He arrived at the dentist’s office even before we did, he was patient and understanding with my child and with my family. He explained everything before he did it and walked us through everything. I can’t think of a single thing that I dislike about my experience with Dr. Marn and his team.

I think my dentist made an excellent choice in choosing to work with Dr. Marn, I love our dentist and trust him completely, again he did not disappoint in his choice of anesthesiologist.

Mom of 10 y/o girl 

We were blown away by how great Dr. Marn was with both us and our 4 year old son. We have ZERO complaints about our experience with Dr. Marn and his team. Could not have been any better! Dr. Marn called us the day before the procedure to explain everything which we found very comforting. On the day of the procedure Dr. Marn was very personable and was great with our 4-year old son. We felt extremely safe and comfortable and knew that our child was in the best of hands. Everyone was well prepared. The procedure began promptly on time and we could not have asked for anything more.

Mom of 4 y/o boy 

 Dr. Marn was great with our 4yo daughter. Our daughter desperately needed dental work but wouldn’t let a dentist touch her. The only option was for her to be sedated to allow for the extensive work she needed to be completed. Dr. Marn worked with us before, during, and after the procedure to ensure that myself, my wife, and my daughter were all comfortable and calm throughout. I give Dr. Marn and his team a 10 out of 10, but only because that’s the limit you’ve set to what I can score our experience with Dr. Marn the dream team.

Dad of 4 y/o girl 

I think it is wonderful that my daughter’s dentist chooses to work with Dr. Marn. He’s very knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable I knew my daughter was receiving the best care. I loved how much information I was given every step of the way. I always received quick responses to my inquires. My daughter was so at ease with Dr. Marn she wasn’t scared, he got down on her level and explained what he would be doing. My and my daughters experience with Dr. Marn and his whole team is definitely a 10! Everyone was wonderful I was well informed and at ease because of such a great Doctor and team!

Mom of 4 y/o girl 

It’s our pleasure to tell future parents about our experience, and to recommend your office without reservations. We’re pleased our orthodontist and oral surgeon recommend you, as Dr. Marn and his staff are courteous, responsive, and competent. My daughter gives him a ten of ten for being so kind, making her feel comfortable, being a little funny, getting back to us right away when we were concerned about swelling, and just overall doing a great job. I agree. We also really appreciate all the contact, particularly Dr. Marn explaining what to expect.

Mom of 12 y/o girl 

Dr. Marn is a 10! We couldn’t be more thankful! Having Dr. Marn ease the anxiety of a 6 year old also eased mom and dad’s anxiety too.

Dr. Marn was more considerate and attentive than any other medical professional we’ve previously interacted with. We had multiple phone calls with him ahead of the procedure where he thoroughly explained the process and provided the assurances we needed. Not only were his techniques (used on a young child) well explained, but they were very effective.

It is obvious why our daughter’s dentist uses Dr. Marn! It’s a partnership I’m certain they want to maintain.

Dad of 6 y/o girl 

I feel good that my daughters dentist chooses to work with Dr. Marn.

I liked that Dr. Marn called to review the procedure and answer questions beforehand. I loved that he took the time to sit down with my daughter and explain to her what to expect before, during and after the procedure. He stayed with us until she was stable enough to leave, helped walk her out, gave us his cell phone and called to check on her. He is very thorough and I appreciate that.

Mom of 14 y/o girl 

Dr. Marn was very professional. He explained to us each and every detail regarding anesthesia. Dr. Lee and Dr. Marn’s anesthesia team/office was really great in helping us in each and every step of the procedure. 

Mom of 4 y/o girl 

I absolutely loved having Dr. Marn care for my son during this procedure. Nobody wants to see their child go through something like this but he came highly recommended from my pediatric dentist, whom I love, so we went with him. I have no regrets. He was very very friendly and personable and reassured us through the entire thing. He even called to check in on us afterwards to make sure he had recovered well. I truly appreciated having him be the one to provide us this service.

Mom of 6 y/o boy 

Dr. Marn and his team were wonderful to work with. Dr. Marn was very thorough in explaining in detail the whole process. He was extremely attentive and just knew what to say to put everyone at ease. Dr. Marn did a great job distracting and engaging my child so he was not nervous when he had to get the IV placed in. He made sure we asked any questions. He followed up with us throughout the process and made sure he was accessible pre and post procedure.

My Dentist and Dr. Marn have my full trust and support as they worked so well together and provided great care for my son. They went into great lengths to detail out everything we needed to know and what to expect. They have great teamwork between the dentist, dental office and Dr. Marn’s team.

We are extremely happy Dr. Marn and the Dentist were able to help us out in this situation.

Mom of 7 y/o boy