Why work specifically with Our Team?

1. Shared Airway

We are very comfortable and knowledgeable working with a shared airway. Most anesthesiologists are not.

2. Excellence

The anesthesia team I’ve built is designed to provide the same exceptional, hospital-level care I would want for my own children— decades of expertise, knowledge, skills, and compassion. To strive for excellence. Every day.

We recruit for excellence and hire those who are like-minded as well.  This shows up in the care we provide every day, with every dentist, and with every patient.

  • There are no students or residents practicing here.
  • There are no physician administrators who are doing this “on the side”.
  • There are no rookies fresh out of training.

3. Availability

We make Our Team available for dental teams and patients who value what we do. 

4. An Experience

We provide An Experience…An Exceptional Experience that will have your patients, and their parents, endorsing you and your practice for years to come. 

Click the link below to learn what that Experience is like:

Dr Marn is a very caring and compassionate anesthesiologist. I worked alongside him as a colleague and then also had him take care of my own 8 year-old child. Our son had an amazing experience and had no negative recollection of his experience. Our son recovered quickly and was excited after he woke up to see Dr. Marn’s warm and friendly face. As a parent I felt 100% comfortable with my child under Dr. Marn’s care.

Diane Costomiris
Mom of 8 y/o boy
Founder, Special Perspective