Our Mission

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to positively influence dentists, especially those caring for children.  To help dentists who provide in-office sedation make their impact so their ripple effect can positively change the world.

We do this through our individualized anesthesia services, expert consultation and guidance, live educational programs, and exclusive safety resources. 

The level of expertise that I witness while working with Dr. Marn makes me feel comfortable with the decision to sedate patients in our office and I now feel like it is an excellent option when dental care in a typical setting is not possible. If my child ever needed to be sedated, I would feel much more comfortable knowing that Dr. Marn was providing and monitoring the anesthesia. After working with him closely over the last few years I know that he is conscientious, skilled, extremely intelligent, hard-working and one of the kindest people that you will ever meet.

Pediatric Dentist
Westchester, NY