What We Believe

We believe the best anesthesia experts for children, in any setting, are Board-Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologists.  When it comes to children….Board-Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologists have the deepest skills, most diverse experience, natural comfort, and broadest knowledge-base.

If you’re a dentist that works with children, then why wouldn’t you want to work with a Board-Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist?

We Believe in Compassion

Undergoing any type of procedure under anesthesia is stressful for parents and dentists. We are here to ease your anxiety because we know what it’s like, too.

We Believe in Teamwork

To successfully and safely care for each patient takes genuine team-building actions with the dental team, patient, parents, and anesthesia team.

We Believe in Organization and Preparation

This allows us to be consistent in our care.  But it also allows us to be adaptable to unlikely, but not unexpected, situations along the way.

We Believe in Excellence

We are constantly looking at how we can raise the standards of our care and of those we work with.  We believe our standards are higher than that of a hospital. Not all standards are equivalent. But the standards that really do matter….to you, us, and the patient….well, we don’t cut corners. Cutting corners leads to problems.  We don’t want problems.  We anticipate and solve them.

We believe other options are inconsistent. Less reliable. Lower standards. There are too many horror stories, too many tragedies. Oral sedation is one example of this. Why go that route, or any other? You have better options. You want to do better.

Just like you, we don’t make compromises. It’s the only way to get you – and your patients – home…Safely.

No compromises – we’ll help get you home.